One short-sleeved sweatshirt. But when to wear it?!

A sweatshirt with short sleeves falls into an awkward category of clothes – not quite pointless but maybe not far off. Like short-sleeved coats. And leather shirts. Because, let’s face it, if its cold enough to need a coat, you probably want that coat to have sleeves. And while a leather shirt might score high in the fashion forward stakes, when the chill has me reaching for leather, let’s make it a proper jacket please.So, back to this sweatshirt. It’s vintage AKU (c. 2005) by Japanese brand GDC.  As it happens, 1970 is also my birth year so it’s fair to say that I have a bit of an emotional attachment to it.  But even as much as I love it, I hardly ever wear it and sometimes years can go by. It’s neither a t-shirt nor a sweatshirt, so the weather has to be just right for it. Too warm and I’m sweltering. Too chilly and I want something with sleeves obviously, even if I’m wearing a coat over it.

So do you need a short-sleeved sweatshirt in your life?  I wouldn’t normally recommend something that only gives such limited wear but I will say yes. It’s a change from the typical trans-season staples of jumpers/cardies/jackets (and fully grown sweatshirts!) and I nearly always get compliments whenever I wear mine.  You’ll have to head to the men’s section for this one girls as you are not likely to find many styles, if at all, in women’s. You’ll also get a better fit as you’ll want it nice and loose. Go for decent quality. You might not get to wear it often but if you buy well it’s for keeps. Plain or with a logo it doesn’t really matter although I’m quite fond of retro logo versions.

Let me know if you decide to go for one. It might take a while before you find the right one for you but there’s absolutely no rush with this one!

Addie x

I am wearing:

Sweatshirt (GDC)| Jeans (H&M)| Espadrilles (Isabel Marant)| Bag (Acne Studios)| Sunglasses (Celine)| Loom band (Gift from beloved daughter UW Ugbenne)

Shop the look (sweatshirt): 

Shop similar here (Asos) or go proper vintage:  YSL here or A Bathing Ape here


Blue jeans and a white tee

The classic combo of blue jeans and a white t-shirt is tried and tested. By updating your cuts, you can to put a contemporary spin on the classic styles of the 50s and 80s.

*Scruffy chic: “Having the characteristics of style and lovable scruffiness combined. Stylish rather than fashionable. Classy without appearing to make an effort”  – Wikipedia

I’m blogging this look for its scruffy chic* vibe (yes that’s a thing, Wikipedia says so! 🙂 ).  It’s relaxed, effortless, practical and comfortable. The loose cut of these ripped ankle grazers plus the lightweight denim make them perfect for a sunny day and a fab alternative to cut-offs. These jeans are actually high-waisted but I’ve pulled them down to the hips for a relaxed boyfriend fit.

Scruffy jeans. Chic everything else!

The scruffy part should be limited to the jeans.  Try and go for a high-grade cotton tee. The cut doesn’t matter – round neck, crew neck or v-neck, whatever works for you – but it shouldn’t be too snug. I finished off my look with my favourite sliders but any slip-on flats will do. If carrying a bag, go slouchy so the longer the straps the better.

The best thing about this look is that anyone of any shape or height can carry it off – it is so forgiving.  Fancy giving it a go? Scroll down to shop the look!

Addie x

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Jeans: Primark (shop similar here)| T-shirt: Gap (shop similar here) | Sliders: HM x Moschino (shop similar here)| Sunglasses: Steve Madden





Bell-shaped fluffy frock and strappy ballet pumps

I’ll be honest, the bell silhouette is not for everyone. But if we choose wisely most of us should be able to carry off bell-shaped styles well enough. Unlike an A-line cut which flares out at the hem or the Tulip which tapers in, the bell cut flares out at the waist and falls in a straight line to the hem.  

How to wear it

This shape only works with a close-fitting bodice (upper half) – a voluminous or fussy top half will swamp you.  So skirts should always be paired with a fitted top. The style of top doesn’t actually matter – short or long sleeves, vest or T-shirt, even a fitted shirt will do – so long as you are working with your body shape and only going as “fitted” as you feel comfortable with.

Who can wear it

Most of us can wear this cut. It is particularly flattering on “straight up and down” girls like me as it adds curves where there aren’t any!  Very petite girls should look for dresses that are very fitted at the waist (the one I’m wearing here isn’t). Very tall girls should stick with short styles.

Where to? 

Bell-shaped dresses and skirts tend to be structured making them a popular choice for formal gowns (yawn). Personally, I’ve never subscribed to a strict code when it comes to which clothes should be worn where. If you are comfortable, not affronting public decency and using some common sense, I’m all for wearing whatever whenever. Half of my wardrobe would be out of action otherwise!


I wanted to dress this down but it’s far too chic for trainers or boots. So, I went casual-luxe with my strappy ballet pumps.  Tip: It is easy to “over dress” a bell-shaped piece with the wrong choice of accessories, particularly if it is a very structured style.  To dress it up all you need are barely there strappy heels or an understated pair of flat or kitten heel mules, finished off with simple jewellery. Just let the dress or skirt speak for itself! 🙂

Addie x

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Dress: Emin & Paul| Shoes: Isabel Marant| Bag: Givenchy| Sunglasses: Celine




Photos: UW Ugbenne

White on white (against white. Oops)

I’m never too sure about white on white. But I did wear this so I thought I’d blog it. Obviously, there are some rules to follow if you are going all white. Like avoiding very small children (not likely when they are yours) and any kind of densely crowded situation involving drinks. Deploying extra caution with your takeaway coffee. You may even want to give certain London public transport a miss. Ditto walking the dog. And picnics. Let’s just call it: wearing all white can be a bit of a faff.

I still don’t know whether I’m 100% down with this outfit (I do love the t-shirt though) but it seemed to work on the day. It was warm although not particularly sunny and Uli and I had spent most of the day at a local fun fair literally at the bottom of our road. So I was half expecting that I’d have to dash home for a quick change following an inevitable accident which thankfully didn’t happen.


I’m afraid you’ve got to make up your own minds on this one guys. I was happy with this outfit but if I’m honest I’m still not entirely convinced that all white works for me. Splashes of white are fine, but head to toe? Not so sure.  What do you think? Any views on this outfit or wearing all white in general?  Drop me a comment!

Thanks for reading,

Addie x


Bumper car fun at the fair!

I am wearing:

T-shirt: GBTwo| Jeans: H&M| Trainers: Primark| Sunglasses: Flying Tiger (yes THAT Tiger!)