Victoria Beckham OBE. Why Not?


Victoria Beckham at her SS 17 show in New York

A wave of indignation continues to sweep across the land at the news that Victoria Beckham is to receive an OBE for “services to fashion” and for her charity work. I personally don’t attach too much significance to the honours system nor do I particularly consider myself a fan of Mrs Beckham’s (who, before the Kardashians, constantly topped my list of the most irritating and pointless celebrities).  I certainly was among those who scoffed when she launched her fashion label back in 2008.  But over the  years I have come to have a grudging respect for her.  For starters, her product is really good.  Her pieces are excellently crafted, I particularly love her handbags (see below) which are chic, super luxe but practical – essential when you’ve a 5 year old in tow!  Then there is her work ethic. Love her or loathe her, it’s impossible to deny that this woman works hard.

So, here we have a woman who, annoying as she can be, has consistently shown guts, determination, ambition and sheer doggedness, often in the face of ridicule.  And let’s not forget that she has successfully conquered the worlds of pop AND fashion –  no mean feat for someone with “limited” talents. Is this enough to deserve an OBE?  I don’t know but she sure as hell has worked hard enough for it. Sure, I could name several other British designers that deserve to be similarly recognised. However, the fact that they haven’t points to problems with the honours system not Victoria Beckham. Good for her I say.


“Small City Victoria Bag” (Buffalo/Calf). (As practical as it is gorgeous, this bag is sturdy and compact, with seven(!) various-sized compartments.)




These sunnies are VB too!


“Large Zip Pouch” (Buffalo/Calf). (Slim but ridiculously roomy thanks to the beautifully soft leather. With two decent sized compartments, its a perfect day time clutch!)




“Large Zip Pouch” (Buffalo/Suede/Patent/Calf) (I loved the blue one so much a few months later I went and got this as well!)


And her frocks are not bad either! I adore the simplicity and timelessness of this dress which I couldn’t resist showing you….






  1. This post reminded me of what an excellent example of a successfully transitioned brand she is. So much could have gone wrong there, but she nailed it. Such an inspiration!

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