Trainers or Sneakers. Keep Them Box Fresh Because Age Matters


There was a time not very long ago (alright, quite a bit ago!) when I would deliberately scruff up new trainers to make them look “worn in” before daring to wear them out for the first time. A time when wearing snow white trainers would have been considered a bit naff and definitely dodgy style-wise. Nowadays though, I am firmly within “that age bracket” that requires no less than box fresh. But when did this happen?!

A friend jokingly asked me about this last week which caused me to think about it and led to this post. So, here’s the thing, and at the risk of coming off a bit prescriptive and possibly ageist(?!), 35 would seem to be the cut-off age.  Not really sure why. The wide range of  grown-up/”fashion” trainers around today thanks to the likes of Acne Studios, Puma and its various collaborations, and the fashionista’s favourite Adidas Stan Smiths, etc. must have something to do with it. But, whatever the reason, get your handy bleach wipes at the ready if you are over 35 (boy or girl) and intent on continuing to wear trainers.  Oh, and be sure to change your laces regularly too.  And try and avoid the rain. Sorry, them’s just the rules. 🙂  Anyway, who can deny that a pair of scruffy old Stan Smiths just don’t look the same as a box fresh pair.  Actually, they might as well be different trainers. Right?


My “gleaming white” Stan Smiths



These Puma High-Top beauties have never seen rain. No mean feat when you live in London!

What I’m wearing: Sweater (Hysteric Glamour)| Skirt (H&M)| White Trainers (Adidas)| Black Suede Trainers (Puma)| Clutch (Kenzo Paris)


  1. I like the piece on trainers especially the one on Stan Smiths, which I’m happy to say I’m a proud owner of, believe it or not I’ve had my pair since Christmas and there still white with gleaming laces and the odd scuff mark here and there.
    I agree they have to look as new as possible everytime i’ve worn mine they get a good wash the next day then there ready for the next outing.
    It’s funny but growing up in the 70’s and when trainers first came on the seen you really did look after them back then and there was a period when white trainers were a must as it looked really sharp.

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