The Six Commandments


Follow my 6 simple rules for confident styling

#1: Get to know and accept your body shape. Be honest with yourself. You don’t have to love your body shape. But if you know it well and accept it, only then can you dress it to the best of your ability.

#2: No one looks good in everything. I certainly don’t. You probably don’t. NEWSFLASH: Even models don’t. It is very important to remember this.

#3: Think first then open the wardrobe. Try to have an idea of the look or feel that you want to achieve (casual, glam, tough, comfortable, edgy, whatever). This gives you focus and saves time!

#4: Decide. Then commit. Once you’ve decided the look you want, commit to it.  TIP: Edgy and flattering are quite often mutually exclusive. So choose one OR the other.

#5: “Effortlessly stylish” requires effort. It doesn’t have to be much but some effort is always required.  Just don’t expect any fashionista to ever admit to this!

#6: Keep it simple. Avoid over-styling. What works on the catwalk and  for a photo shoot hardly ever works in actual real life!

So there you have it. Above all, shop wisely. Aim for the best quality but this does not always have to be high-end.  Expect more posts on other do’s and don’ts but in the meantime file this in your style bible and go Style it. Own it. Love it.

Addie x