WARDROBE TREASURES! Featuring: Distressed Wool Blazer

Gomme Homme A/W 2006

Don’t you just love it when you rediscover something that you haven’t worn in a long time and fall in love with it all over again?  The thrill of a “new purchase” mixed with the smug satisfaction that comes with a bargain?  If you follow me on Instagram you”ll have seen this distressed wool blazer  – by Japanese label Gomme –  featuring a few times in recent posts. A new purchase perhaps? Well, it was when I bought it 10 years ago! From the men’s range (Gomme Homme), I love it’s timeless slouchy and androgynous cut.  But, as I hadn’t worn it for a few years it nearly didn’t survive my last annual wardrobe cull. I’m glad I hung on to it. In fact, since its resurrection it’s seen so much action that it’s probably now a tad more distressed than originally intended. 🙂   The fact that it’s lasted this long is a real testament to buying well and investing in good quality timeless pieces.  So, two things: first, girls you can’t go wrong with a decent mannish blazer – doesn’t  have to be wool. A definite forever piece. Second, when did you last shop in your own wardrobe? Maybe take a peek before hitting the shops next time – who  knows what surprising rediscoveries lie within!

Addie x

Editor’s note:  Buy Well Wear Forever. This is something that I come back to over and over again. So, to show that I (sometimes) practice what I preach each Wardrobe Treasures post will feature something that I’ve had for a long time (in some cases decades) which is still on active duty! 



What I’m wearing:

Outfit #1: Blazer (Gomme); T-shirt – plain (Gap);  Leather skirt (Primark); Bag (Niccoli); Boots (Deichmann); Sunglasses (Celine) | Outfit #2: Blazer (as before); T-shirt (Cos); Jeans (Primark); Shoes (Isabel Marant); Sunglasses (as before) | Outfit #3: Blazer (As before); T-shirt – logo (Vivienne Westwood); Jeans (H&M); Trainers (Vans); Sunglasses (As before) |





Never Tulle Much!

The day I wore this outfit we were spending the afternoon with my six year old daughter and two of her school pals. Boy, they were not amused. After all, it just wasn’t fair was it. And twirling in their faces probably didn’t help.😊  Designed by Babs Atta-Krah of start-up label Gingham Doll, this fabulous tulle confection is made to order and to measure.  Naturally, it’s already quite high on my daughter’s list of “mummy’s stuff that will one day belong to Uli” but between you and me, she may (literally) have to yank this one off my dead body!

Send me a comment or contact info@ginghamdoll.com for enquiries. Quote code “mystyleartist” and get 5% off your first order. Go on girls, we all deserve a Carrie Bradshaw moment!


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Trench Wear-fare: Little Tweaks To Make The Most Of Your Trenchcoat


MyStyleArtist 2017

It’s getting colder but it’s not quite time to dust off the old winter coat. Perfect weather for a trench coat! Ubiquitous and almost boringly practical, this classic staple can also be effortlessly chic if styled right. Want to add some vava-voom to yours? Here’s how with my ‘trench rules’!

#1. Get a decent one. Trench coats are timeless and if your size doesn’t change much you can literally wear one forever (you’ll certainly get your money’s worth if you live in London). Pay particular attention to the detail: buttons, belts and straps.

#2. Tan is the classic colour but you can’t beat black for versatility because then you can wear it in the evenings too.

#3. Style your trench! Roll or push up the sleeves. Work the collar subtly (leave the collar alone on very long styles).  Cinch the waist, tying the belt instead of buckling it. Tip: Very short styles look best with a cinched waist.

#4. Your trench should be longer than your hem line. Personally, I prefer trench coats with trousers or jeans. But if you are pairing with a dress or skirt, unless you’ve got a very short style, watch that hemline!

Time to dig out that old trench don’t you think?


Addie x

Cinched waist, pushed-up sleeves and a tweaked collar work brilliantly on short trenches. This one is by Maki Hiroshige (Gomme)

Unbelted and hanging loose is great on loose-fitting styles. Like this round-shouldered A-line knee length version from Commes des Garcons x H&M

All this Burberry mid-knee length version needs is a cinched waist. Don’t forget the hemline rule!






Sweet Dress Tough Accessories.

I love this little Topshop dress. But, with it’s lace trim and cutesy Peter Pan collar, it’s almost too twee for my liking. So the studded McQ sandals and geometric pattern of this fab Victoria Beckham clutch add a bit of toughness. I’ve also worn this dress with heeled pumps for work but I like it best off-duty. Tough accessorising works well with most girly frocks – as it gets colder you can do this by adding a leather jacket and boots (ankle boots for this dress).  Not sure what boot length to go for? Look out for “boots guide” coming soon!


Addie x

Dress: Topshop; Sandals: Alexander McQueen; Bag: Victoria Beckham; Sunglasses: Celine