Ripped jeans. Is there a cut-off date?

Like most people I own the odd pair of “mildly” distressed jeans. However, I’ve not been anywhere near a pair of properly ripped jeans since the late 90s. Mainly, because of how dull the mass produced versions of today (with their identikit rips) are compared to the DIY original creations of back in the day. But also because, well, should a forty-something year-old still be wearing shredded jeans?!  Anyway, pushing such misgivings aside, I decided to give this cropped pair from Primark a go. And I LOVE them. The denim’s decent, it’s cut well, low cost and super comfy. I also like that it’s stonewash – all very much in keeping with the 90s vibe! If like me, you are of a certain age and are similarly doubtful about carrying off extremely ripped jeans, go for grown-up but playful styling like I’ve done here. A plain t-shirt with booties will work well too.

So, I guess the answer to my question is NO. You shouldn’t have to stop wearing super ripped jeans just because you are older. My only tip would be to try and keep everything else grown-up and low key.

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A foxy little black dress is not just for the night.

A little black dress is not just for night time adventures and frolics.  This All Saints dress has seen many nights out paired with heels or foxy boots but it only needed these studded flats to transition into an outfit suitable for running errands around town on a sunny Saturday afternoon. So girls get the most out of your cocktail LBDs by showing them some daylight! Just add glam comfy sandals (black or metallic – avoid browns) or any style of trainers……..

Short and sweet this time! Thanks for reading.

Addie x

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WARDROBE TREASURES: Slash your hems and breathe new life into your old jeans

Teaching old jeans new tricks. I’ve had these 18th Amendment jeans since 2008 (BC: before children!) when it was still possible to mooch around town in floor-length flares and stacked shoes. Obviously not so practical nowadays which is why I hadn’t worn them for years…….until I gave them the chop.

From floor-length to chic (and way more practical) ankle-grazers

Playing around with hemlines is a quick way of reviving (and personalising!) any old pair of jeans. So don’t be daunted, get acquainted with a decent pair of scissors and go for it:
#1.  Put on your chosen jeans and decide where you want the new hemline to be. Mark the spot (with a marker/highlighter) or tack with pins.
#2. Lay the jeans flat and make sure you’ve marked the same length on both legs. If in doubt, use a ruler.
#3.  Cut both legs at the same time. I usually do this with the jeans folded lengthwise. Make sure you smooth out any creases especially around the seat of the jeans. If you are new to this, I’ll suggest cutting them a little longer than you think you need at first, then carefully cutting back higher to the desired length (always cutting both legs at the same time).
#4. Fray by teasing out loose fibres with your fingers.  I usually don’t bother as this will naturally occur after the first wash.
#5.  Enjoy your “new” pair of jeans!
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Wrap Dresses. Straight up-and-down girls can wear them too.

As I have neither the hips nor bosom to do them justice, I have always avoided wrap dresses. So, when Studio by Preen’s capsule dress collection for Debenhams launched in the Spring, naturally I paid little attention to the wrap styles. I prefer shopping a collaboration in person (to check the quality of materials) but by the time I made it in store for this one the styles I liked had either sold out or didn’t look quite so good on. So, I wasn’t expecting much at all from this wrap dress which I’d only tried on because I liked the print. What a fab surprise! Not only did it fit well but it helped me realise that by sticking to a few basic rules (see below) us boyish girls can carry off wrap dresses too.😌

My tips for making a wrap dress work for a boyish frame:

#1. A bold print. This gives the optical illusion of a less narrow frame. #2. Nothing too clingy. Actually I went up two dress sizes for this one. Going too clingy or bang on your size can emphasise our narrowness and general lack of hips which we want to avoid. #3. Busy hemline! A-line or slightly asymmetrical – the more it kicks out the better. This has the important job of showing off a narrow waist but without focussing on the hips. #4. Length. It’s got to be at least knee length, ideally just below. Not too long though or you’ll lose the proportions balancing effect we are looking to achieve.

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