First outings: Large Kenzo X H&M Shopper. (An instant classic but not for all seasons)

My Kenzo x H&M shopper FINALLY got its first outing last weekend. I’ve had it for seven months (the collection landed last November!) but this just isn’t a Winter bag – the colour and style are not for soggy conditions. Happily, Saturday was gloriously sunny. And with a bulky gift to carry to a 6 year old’s birthday party, it seemed the ideal opportunity to give it a spin.

Verdict? It did well. Obviously, the colour meant I had to be careful where I put it down. But, I’m usually – and possibly irritatingly(!) –  precious about my bags anyway 🙂 so this wasn’t a problem. It’s large enough to take quite a lot – it managed the gift plus the usual baggage that comes along with a 6 year old – without feeling too bulky. Meaning it fits comfortably under the arm as well. My only quibble is with the straps which are a little “shallow” (not sewn deep enough into the body of the bag) for its size. So, if you’ve got one, be careful not to over load it with heavy items as I’m not convinced those straps can take it. And avoid extremely wet days obvs! Otherwise, another H&M collaboration gem. See Hello my name is Addie and I’m a brand collaboration addict for my other very happy H&M collaboration purchases. And if you would like a piece of the action from the next one, stay tuned to yours truly as I will be tracking events very closely……. 🙂

Addie x


It was a sunny Sunday in London!


My last post Hi-Lo Pick ‘n’ Mix was all about how I love to mix it up! I wore this outfit on Sunday and received so many compliments but no-one would believe that the main ensemble (the sweat shirt and culottes) came from the high street. 🙂  So, as this perfectly illustrates a few of my tips from the last post: luxing-up a high street outfit with high-end accessories and going understated around a statement designer piece (the boots),  I thought it deserved a mini post of its own!  Details: Sweat shirt and culottes – COS; clutch – Victoria Beckham; boots – Isabel Marant.

Addie x

Photos: U.W

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Tulle, Leather and Rubbish Weather


My next post is all about high-end/high street mixing and matching. But, as this outfit (worn on Easter Sunday – this post is a little later than planned!) does it so well, it had to have a post of its own, even though the weather that day was not exactly the best for blog photos! The star of the show is obviously this fab tulle skirt from H&M which I toughened-up for an edgier look. A Commes des Garcons tee and small Miu Miu crossbody bag add a bit of casual luxe while a Primark leather bomber (yes PRIMARK, believe it) and Billi Bi boots stop it all from getting too twee. I rocked this outfit to church that morning, Easter lunch with friends in the afternoon and even to A&E later that evening. This skirt is a keeper. 🙂  More on mixing and matching it all up in next post!  xx #itdoesnthavetobreakthebank


The imitation game: A fashionista’s dilemma


The trickling down of trends from catwalk to High Street is a key part of the fashion industry – and of course trends are often influenced in the other direction too. Either way, the expectation is that when we shop, we will choose one or the other: the high end piece or its high street version. So far, so sensible.  So then, is it ever justifiable to buy both? For months I’d been drooling over the utterly kick-ass punk inspired Isabel Marant “Rolling” zebra print ankle boots (A/W 16), hoping to get hold of a pair at a less painful price later in the season.  (A strategy that was not without risk and which meant that I had to keep a keen eye on stock availability!)


Isabel Marant A/W 16

Then a few weeks ago, I spotted the Carvela “Snorkle” – an obvious “tribute” to the Marant Rolling – in black.  Now, the Rolling also had a black version, but the hyper embellishment which elevated the zebra just didn’t do the same for the black. And more importantly, over embellished black boots are in fact not that versatile to wear.  (If you’ve followed this blog for a while you will know how keen I am on practical styling and buying wisely  – for a refresher see my 5 commandments!).  But the Carvela, being far less embellished didn’t have this problem. So, in short I bought them. And a few days later I bought the Marant as well.

Why? Well the Marant boots are simply gorgeous, a keeper that I will treasure and wear for years.  The Carvela version look great on, are very well made and, because they didn’t cost as much, can be worn on rainy days and for generally stomping around when I might have worried about ruining the Marant.  So my friends, it turns out that there are indeed times when it is ALMOST essential to buy BOTH. Go on. You know it makes sense. 🙂


Isabel Marant “Rolling” zebra print calf hair, suede and leather ankle boots


Carvela “Snorkle” black suede ankle boots


Isabel Marant A/W 16